donderdag 5 september 2013

Start of the second week..

by Elias Zunguza and Leonel Jaime (University Eduardo Mondlane, Rural Engineering)
After a good weekend we resumed another week of work. Our main goal for this week is to finish the small report and poster. Next to that we have to practice our presentation on Tuesday and prepare for the final day. I look forward to the exciting day on Friday where we will present our project to the big audience.
Groups work hard to meet the schedule. Before lunch the baby Eelco surprised us with delicious Dutch cookies ['stroopwafels'] that distribution as gifts for all of your birthday and something that is not common here in Mozambique "the birthday gift to give to others."

Lunch time was more fun for those who were tasting delicious cheap food that is sold in the cars on any street. The food car was parked in front of DNA with a long queue of people who burned with the radiating sun only to have pleasure to sample the food going. People standing in line to highlight Moniek, Iljia, Sander, Jurgen confessed that never had an experience identical where food is sold anywhere in the car without worrying about the municipal police.

After a long day of work we went to The Base where we waited a long time for dinner made ​​by the third group that was totally amazing. Pankecas had as main course and fruit salad which usually dessert here in Mozambique.
After dessert "dinner" the baby Eelco was surprised with a cheerful weariness congratulating him for another year of life, and this in turn retribution gesture with a smile and tears of emotion that almost flooded the kitchen. Received hugs and hippo as a gift wrapped in a huge roll of toilet paper as a way to show him the true value of the reorganization and its future physical condition as a big man like the hippo.

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