donderdag 5 september 2013

A day to rest

Marcel Mol (Technical University of Delft)
This day did not start by waking up, but it started in the Coconut club! We had a free day on Sunday, so it was a perfect opportunity for a night out with the whole group. The club looked rather fancy and was nicely decorated. It was quite a big place with two venues for music. At midnight we had just enjoyed live music from a famous Mozambican band in the first venue. The band had already finished their performance, but we had not finished our party in the Coconut club yet. We went to the second venue where a DJ enjoyed us for the rest of the evening… Everybody had a great time!
Most of us used the rest of the Sunday to rest. I went with Johan to Club Naval for a swim. Relaxing with a coke and some olives, we found our afternoon ideally spent. Some of our Mozambican friends were not with us that day and used their time among others to visit their family. The other Dutch guys went for a stroll through Maputo City. They visited the botanic garden, a fortress and the train station and enjoyed a nice sunset. See the pictures below!!

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