maandag 2 september 2013

By Cecilia Francisco (University Eduardo Mondlane), Eelco van der Pal (Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland / National Water Traineeship H2O job)
31 August
It was a full working day. It was visible in the faces of everyone that we only had a few hours of sleep, so we were drinking coffee to remain focused. However, it was a very productive day, especially for team irrigation maybe because they were working in the kitchen.

In the lunch’s time, we went to visit a fair of gastronomy and handicraft near to the working place (SNV – Dutch organization for Development). There, finally some members of the teams coming from the Netherlands eat Mozambican food, (Matapa with crab) and they liked it. Proving that, Mozambican food is the best ever.

After a full afternoon of working, we left to go to the hostel where we had a wonderful Mozambican dinner. Later that evening we left the hostel to a place called coconut, where we planned to attend a concert which started around midnight. It turned out to be a great night…


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