zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

What happened in Wetskills..

Arlindo Inácio Hilário (Mozambican student of Universidade Eduardo Mondlane/ ESUDER-High School of Rural Development)

Wednesday, August 28 - Day 5
After a night with a good fire to punish the flesh that in turn was very happy to be in our stomachs accompanied by many good beers, the sound of the music of Moniek , Elijah singing the bass and our multifunctional Angelo has many gifts besides being the best driver we have, played guitar and sings very well was the guitar and leading the song .

As scheduled, the groups presented their action plans for their cases and answered questions that Lindsey and Johan (our guardians) asked. After the plans were criticised, we had planned for a compelling elevator speech. I was very disappointed that he cancelled the elevator pitch because I was well-prepared but I don't know why it was cancelled.
Lunch was not so excitant but today we found a mobile restaurant in the city of Maputo under a blazing sun and a delicious curry beef, the Dutch did like so much the way the food was prepared it was  Ilja, Jurgen and Moniek, they eat with joy white rice with beef stew (onions , garlic , oil , salt, pepper , beef , tomatoes, potatoes and local spices ) and a good salad lettuce , but still appeared some who preferred to have lunch with bread and cheese and then ran back to the room and work in their cases , so maybe they think they will win.

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Until now there some participants missing work on cases and by Lindsey and Johan we heard that participants with many faults cannot  go to Holland if the group wins.
During the work there was a time when groups caused a lot of noise, they were probably trying to prove the legitimacy of their crazy ideas to prepare the finest posters already seen the program WETSKILLS.

Now in the middle of the afternoon decided to leave the dinner on account of the first group , which has the face of good people in preparing a good stomachache , mainly IRIS , LEONEL , ELIAS AND RALF.

Tomorrow I cook the dinner, so be attentive to blog updates, see ya.

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