woensdag 28 augustus 2013

On the way to Maputo

Teun van Esch (Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg / trainee National Water Traineeship (H2O-job))

When I am writing this blog, I am together with Iris in the airplane crossing the Central African Republic. Our destination is Johannesburg. Untill now, it’s already an exciting journey. First, a week ago our passport was collected by NWP for receiving a visa for Mozambique. Yesterday at 5 pm it was delivered back, while we had to leave to the airport within twelve hours. But so far so good!

This morning we arrived on time in Dusseldorf (Germany), but our flight was delaying 50 min. In Amsterdam we had a transfer time of one hour, so the cabin crew told us we wouldn’t make the flight to Johannesburg. But, when we arrived in Amsterdam we were informed that our flight to Johannesburg also was delaying, for 15 minutes. This gave us an opportunity to get our flight. We sprinted like Usain Bolt, and luckily we made it just on time!

So, two times already everything is just going right. Now we are praying that our luggage is also on our plane, so we can drive tomorrow on time to Maputo.

I am looking forward to meet the participants of Wetskills Challenge and I am hoping for an inspirational and successful collaboration. And of course I wish everyone a less exiting journey as ours :)

See you tomorrow,

Gr Teun


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